Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Migration of my blog to www.subomiplumptre.com

Hello all. It's been 6 years on the Blogger platform.

From today, November 26, 2013, I'll be migrating my blog to http://www.subomiplumptre.com, as i prepare to launch my second book - No Bullshit Volume 2. You can read about my book here.

See you at my new cool website, http://www.subomiplumptre.com.

Thank you for all the support!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My top Nigerian contemporary music artists

This is an evolving list of my top Nigerian music artists.  You'll find them on my iPod and I play them all the time.


To truly appreciate Tuface, you MUST watch him perform live. His ability to freestyle and create lyrics on-the-spot is legendary. If he was a rapper, he would be a rap battle god. In summary, his live performances are electrifying and studio albums a pleasure to listen to. His musical marriage with Producer, J-Sleek is a match made in heaven.


StylPlus redefined contemporary Nigerian RnB. They made it grown up and sexy. 

Sound Sultan

Lyrics matter. Sound Sultan is a lyricist non pareil and musical craftsman. 


MI made me fall in love with rap again. He made rap "musical" and demonstrated that it needn't be loud or profane.


Apparently I have a thing for music from the Niger-Delta. Wizboy is all about natural harmony, effortless melody and great music!

Sunny Neji

I fell in love with Neji's album, Unchained. I'm an album junkie and feast on entire albums not just individual singles. On Unchained, every track is a winner.


Wizkid sings populist commercial tracks but is a bundle of true genius.


A tad commercial but Psquare's music is VERY easy on the ears. They put on a VERY good show. These guys know how to dance!


Dbanj's music is well em... But he defines charisma, dedication, ambition & hardwork. HE IS AN ENTERTAINER.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa's was a highly anticipated album. Not sure the result, Once Upon a Time, met expectations but it's always a pleasure to hear her sing.

Banky W.

I am very biased. His sideburns make me forget everything else. Okay, I really like his music too. 


Omawunmi defines gritty creativity, energy and hard work. She is progressively talented.


Darn! This girl can siiiing! From featured vocals to an album of her very own, Words Aren't Just Enough, Waje has come a long way, baby!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Lessons Learned

The other day I watched a wild dog dart across the road in front of my vehicle. I wasn't moving too fast and was able to easily avoid it. But I wondered what fate would have befallen the poor dog if it had been another driver moving at a much faster pace. I thought to myself that many of us live lives that way; oblivious to danger and peril. 

That experience sparked off a chain of thoughts. I began to think of the many lessons life teaches us. If we would but listen and observe, there are many principles to be imbibed on a daily basis. 

Over the years, I've learned some incredible lessons. Some have evolved into personal philosophy. I've codified some; been taught some; overheard some and read some.  I'd like to share a selection of my favourite life lessons with you:
1. Never live your life like a careless dog crossing the road - oblivious of danger. Don't be like the man King Solomon once described - toying with fire then as he carelessly sets fire to the house and it burns down, he says "I didn't mean it".

2. Never take Panadol for another man's headache - It's not your problem. He/she is grown. They'll deal with it.

3. When hunters learn to shoot without missing, birds will learn to fly without perching - Adapt and survive.

4. Never use your own values to judge another man's capacity for good or evil. You will live life in perpetual surprise. 

5. As your money increases, so will those who want to spend it with you. Avoid devourers. Learn the art of saying NO and being unavailable. 

6. Don't expose your friends, spouse or other people to being used and abused. Protect them. 

7. You don't have to answer every call. 

8. You don't have to attend every event.

9. You don't have to grant every favour. Care less about what others think of you. After they've gotten what they want from you, they'll move on to the next source. The day you push back and say no, they'll resent and abuse you. 

10. You don't have to be there for everyone all the time. If your tank becomes empty, you'll have nothing left to give. 

11. You have siblings and colleagues Let them carry some of the load. You are not Superman/woman. 

12. As you prosper, give commensurately. It enlarges you heart and keeps you grounded.

13. Never spiritualize another man's pain. Don't dismiss people's troubles with religious platitudes.

14. Never use the speed with which you bounced back to measure another man's pace of recovery. 

15. To know your true friends, watch how they respond to the things that are important to you, especially when you've been there for them in the past.

16. Some friends will cause you to consider a philosophy of hardness. Don't give in to the temptation to change who you are. Simply cut them off and focus on those who are worthy of you. 

17. Never get to the point where you begin to think of "friends" in terms of waste - waste of time, waste of resources, waste of life, waste of self. You should leave long before that. 

18. Never let the people who care about you regret the sacrifices they made and time spent with you. Do not be ungrateful and insensitive.

19. You cannot lead or project manage the unwilling.

20. Don't put your future on hold because you want to avoid offending people. People will always choose what is in their interest. If people don't put you into consideration when making routine decisions, should you consider them when making critical life decisions?

© Subomi Plumptre 2013. All Rights Reserved

Friday, October 04, 2013

No Bullshit Volume 2 - Development Diary: October 4, 2013

I just finished 3 of the final 7 chapters of my book No Bullshit Volume 2. The chapters are: Anthony the Taxi Driver, Emotional Blackmail and Tales of Desperate Love. It's been a very productive day.

Here's an extract from Tales of Desperate Love:

"We met for the first time. I deliberately wore red. You told me about your broken heart and attempt to find love again. I told you it had been a while since my last relationship. We felt a strong kinship. Months later you told me you wanted to kiss me after our first date but the gentleman in you wouldn't. The outfit worked well".

I'll start another article today, Schizo Generation. It explores how my generation battles with the traditional imperatives of our upbringing while embracing the liberties and knowledge of Western societies.

At this pace, my book should be finished in a week or two.

Rosemary Ajayi and Kathleen Ndongmo have promised to read the first cut. Will they be shocked, pleased or disappointed?

Friday, September 27, 2013

On Depression

I believe depression is NOT an issue to be trivialised or responded to in an offhand manner. Like other types of psychological trauma, we have for too long in Nigeria pushed depression under the table and asked people to just deal with it.

It is my opinion that it is presumptuous to think that every person dealing with depression can easily overcome it or even has the strength to believe they can. It is wrong to dismissively suggest they need faith or religious deliverance. It is insensitive to assume that only those who lack material things or blessings have cause to be depressed.

If you are lucky enough to have overcome depression, you shouldn't use your experience, knowledge (or lack thereof) to make sweeping statements or generalisations about others. Seek to understand, cite credible facts & data about the issue not just personal exceptions.

Finally, may God not visit upon us the things we mock so we can learn humility and sensitivity.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The 20 Laws of Nigerian Politics

To understand Nigerian politics is to understand the following:

  1. Almost every power play is executed by proxies, many times without the direct knowledge of the Principal.
  2. Proxies are all powerful; getting away with murder in the name of the Presidency, ex-Presidents, Ministers, wives of political appointees & elected officials and so on.
  3. Politics is about POWER and how much of the RESOURCES of the nation you can personally appropriate. It is not about PEOPLE or DEVELOPMENT.
  4. You CANNOT escape tribe and religion in Nigerian politics. Accept and work with what you have. 
  5. Money is an inescapable force. It's virulently ingrained in every aspect of our polity and has been known to make otherwise rational Nigerians lay aside logic and humanity.
  6. He who controls the distribution channels of information controls the political conversation.  
  7. Many news stories are sponsored and full of agenda. Mere citizens are never deemed worthy of knowing the real story. 
  8. Morality hangs by a thread. There are many grey areas in an arena characterised by iniquity, inequity and impunity.  
  9. Political fights and party cross carpeting are the norm. Pull up a chair. They are always rather interesting. 
  10. To succeed in Nigerian politics, you must be exceedingly wise and crafty. True intelligence is not required. We have technocrats for that.
  11. You need spies everywhere as well as a comprehensive political intervention structure (attack dogs included).  
  12. You must be willing to accept what is possible as opposed to what is ideal.
  13. You must have the capacity to sleep well at night having heard plenty of bullshit and witnessed unimaginable evil.
  14. You must have the patience of a snail, the resilience of a caterpillar and the doggedness of a bull.  
  15. The Nigerian citizen can be likened to a daughter who has been imprisoned in a dark basement by her father with barely enough to eat & has been repeatedly raped.  This is the only way to appreciate the trauma, malfunction, split personality and self-preservation of the average Nigerian.
  16. In a country of mass iliterates where the majority are not entrepreneurs and where stock options barely exist for professionals, the easiest route to prosperity is political patronage.
  17. Many Nigerians will claim any tribe, swear any oath and sleep with anyone to get a piece of the national cake
  18. Access to power is not by merit. It's based on who you know and who owes you.
  19. Idealism must be tempered by reality and pragmatism.
  20. Beware of violence. It is often a ready tool in the hands of those who seek to take all, keep all and protect all.

Friday, September 13, 2013

No Bullshit Volume 2 - Development Diary: September 13, 2013

My book has two expressions: opinion pieces called Disclosures and shorter free form inspired verses called Freestyle.

I wrote a Freestyle piece today called, In Search of Love.

Here's the first verse:

"I commit to finding love
The love between a man and a woman
But I can't tell you whether it requires enduring search or simple faith"